👋Ramos leaves Real Madrid!👋 (PSG? Man Utd? Barca? Man City Transfer Gossip! Press Conference)


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    1. 442oons

      Hey bozos! Check out a brand new Transfer Market Special: bgclip.info/run/iKZlgIbKmnm23JQ/video

      1. GaGa


      2. Athena Mallari

        442oons please do Sergio Ramos 1st day at PSG

      3. Lenny Summers


      4. Ukrainian Weeb

        442oons predicted Ramos, to jon PSG, before everyone else!

      5. John Israel

        442ons correctly predicted it

    2. Fun and Wisdom

      442oons predicted right future again...ramos joined psg for real😂😂🙏

    3. abhishek Verma

      442oons predicted Ramos joining PSG😂

    4. gamer guy

      Suarez 🤣🤣 convincing Ramos 😁

    5. Pehlaaj hassan

      Howwwwwww did they predict this

    6. Philip Bian Alcuizar

      Lol 44200ns predicted the future again Ps: Sorry if its too late

    7. daniel alaiyegbami

      If I was Sergio I would join Man city because I am a fan

    8. Mike Charway

      442oons once again predict the future. Ramos did go to PSG in the end.

    9. Elmira Bako


    10. PlanemoWildcat1255

      Look for 442oons’ 8th anniversary out of July 27th!

    11. Ruth Kelly

      What The Fuck I"s this

    12. lil boy fuzeシ

      They predicted it tf

    13. Svaxie

      They actually predicted the futute, AGAIN

    14. Madhusudhan Reddy Vanteru sriseetharamapaints

      0:38 he should have done that in real life not gonna lie

    15. Impasta Imperceptible

      "WE DONT WANT ALABA WE WANT RAMOS BACK!! #wewantramos"

    16. Impasta Imperceptible

      "WE DONT WANT ALABA WE WANT RAMOS BACK!! #wewantramos"

    17. Impasta Imperceptible

      "WE DONT WANT ALABA WE WANT RAMOS BACK!! #wewantramos"

    18. BekkXGames

      And as it turns out, he actually ended up at PSG 😂 class prediction

    19. Michael Kwon

      The parched pendulum wessely regret because mail thoracically slip under a plain wash. optimal, extra-large extra-small exuberant quill

    20. Korex11

      Rudiger was like "we're on the 43rd floor" Immediately, Ramos moved out

    21. WilPeu

      “What do you mean you won’t play for freeee...” I think everyone knows what happened to the Barca manager.

    22. Yolanda Tshobeni

      Klopp"No, they landed on Virgil, Nooooooooooo"

    23. sanskar Fartyal

      3:58 442oons preticted the future AGAIN!!

    24. Bardh Muti

      the smile in 2:45 🤣

    25. Keanry Abdurrahman Shiddiq

      The red card is his agent lol

    26. JA - 08RA 763383 Lougheed MS

      3:06 😂 Ramos: I fucking hate you Poota

    27. rocc16 2021

      4:17 why Ronaldo has psg shirt?

      1. Taopi

        Because there is a chance that Ronaldo join PSG if Mbappe leave

    28. Hello

      I think psg will be a retirement club for wc players

    29. Power shot

      I pick PSG

    30. Isheatida Casper Maidza

      Rudiger 😂😂

    31. AzizBabo2101

      Ramos come to psg

    32. Manav Patel

      He is now in psg

    33. Ramadan Etemi

      Psg: yes yes

    34. Noobinsuperstrike :D

      Ramos is now in psg🏹🏹🏹🏹🏹

    35. King Eli

      Who’s here after Ramos signed with PSG

    36. Shriniwas Gouda

      Señor Red Card sounds like Neymar 😂


      Who is watching this when Sergio Ramos signed for psg

    38. Matej Jovanovic

      PSG it is.

    39. antigachaotaku

      Forza Italia campioni d europa

    40. Liam Cashman

      The barca bit had me in tears😂😂

    41. ZLATAN


    42. Saevar Saevarsson

      442oons predicted the future again

    43. Pluto Ho

      3:59 Came True

    44. Ankit Mavinkurve

      442oons predict the future again 😲

    45. AYC

      They actually predicted it that he would join psg

    46. The Cool Spider

      I thought at Chelsea it was going to be reinforced glass for timo Warner's shooting

    47. Noushin Shafagh

      🤣🤣rudiger are fun part in video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂.

    48. Noushin Shafagh

      Best in this video star wars theory🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    49. Bubble Brain

      A brocen ay soket ore a brocn leg Vich vill it bee

    50. yee haw buster

      3:36 when Ramos said ever... he sounds like Arrogantaldo

    51. Coolingen Martinsson

      D Iunnnnnn N

    52. Abir

      rudiger is mad sheep ... he has got one task to knock players


      Ramos actually signed for PSG & maybe CR7 as well

    54. Bryan Ugochukwu

      i would have joined manchester city

    55. NB

      He really join PSG another prediction, 😳😳😳😳😳

    56. Youssef Karim

      These floor jokes lmao 😂

    57. Hendrika Vd Harst

      El clasicon isnt the same 2021 - 2022 ramos away Messi depay aguero Wont play for a year bc to late of contract only it isnt the same

    58. The goat of football

      442ons peridiected the furture because he join psg

    59. S.V THARUN

      He joined PSG btw

    60. 秒倒王偉哥

      Dean you have predicted the future once again! SERGIO RAMOS IS NOW OFFICIALLY A PSG PLAYER!!! (Two experts of fouls has come together)

    61. Amal Dev

      442oons predicted the future. Ramos is going to psg😳

    62. Divines Gate

      Why does Senior red card sounds like neymar

    63. Dunsdon De Wee

      Ramos actually signed for PSG lol

    64. ghetto

      He predicted the future again

      1. 秒倒王偉哥

        Like what he did to Suarez’s transfer

    65. Ashutosh Mathur

      Ramos could easily take on rudiger

      1. 秒倒王偉哥

        Maybe... it will take a few days

    66. Ein echt genervtes Etwas


    67. Adyant Sharma


    68. Vignesh Tamilarasan

      Who wants sergio ramos first day at psg🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

      1. Crystal.

        Me please

      2. 秒倒王偉哥

        Me me me! (But I guess his first day will be full of BRUTAL and BLOOD SMELL)

    69. Pardha

      Who is here after he actually signed for PSG

    70. Edwin _659

      Who’s back here after he moved to psg

    71. Shiny Lycanroc

      442oons predicted the future again….

    72. Deez Guyz

      He predicted it again

    73. Tommy

      He is right because Ramos atually go to PSG

    74. Kxbalt RL

      Ramos actually went to psg

    75. Rafi Ahmed007

      Make a video about Ramos join PSG

    76. wiktor Andalukiewicz


    77. Manny Ready 2 Rumble

      OMG he actually signed for PSG

      1. Kylian S

        Well why would he join Arsenal or City on higher money

    78. Aarav Reddy

      Video idea: Sergio Ramos first day at PSG!

    79. Ukrainian Weeb

      442oons predicted Ramos, to jon PSG, before everyone else!

      1. zig zag

        It was already rumoured stupid

    80. ProBros

      0:42 the building in the background don’t show he is on the first floor :0

      1. 秒倒王偉哥

        Maybe their ground floor is very high...

    81. Rodriguez Husky

      Who's here after his move to psg

    82. Goto3000 H

      The funny thing is PSG did sign Ramos 😂😂😂

    83. Random depressed guy 2

      Why does you guesses are always right most of the time

    84. Mathew Cintron


    85. احمد عاطف

      He actually sign to psg

    86. Amin Addam

      Allez l'OM. Allez l'OM!!!!!!

    87. Azwakowski

      4:00 this scene now is real after PSG confirmed that they signed Sergio…

      1. Azwakowski

        @zig zag oh sorry i forgot if it was already rumoured.

      2. Azwakowski

        @秒倒王偉哥 of course it won’t happen 😅

      3. 秒倒王偉哥

        Except the Zidane and CR7 part

      4. zig zag

        It was already rumoured

    88. Shaurya Kashayp

      Ramos saw this before coming to psg😂😂😂

    89. vikingcuber1206

      Ramos did end up signing for Paris Saint Germain. Vamos!!

    90. İsmayıl Mustafayev

      And Really Sergio Ramos at PSG 2 years contract

    91. İsmayıl Mustafayev

      Oh sh*t here goes nothing.😂😂😂

    92. Uncovered

      Who is here after he signed for psg

    93. דוד גוברמן


    94. Juliuse Marc Samaniego

      At 4:00 Dean clearly predicted the future of Sergio Ramos.

      1. zig zag


    95. Mohammad Maiz Abid

      You once again predicted the future

      1. zig zag

        He didn't it was already rumoured

    96. Arok Kumar

      Lol who’s here after he signed for PSG today? 😂

    97. roboute guilliman

      Anyone here after he actually got to PSG?

    98. Rage

      He joined psg 🤯

    99. Upam Handique

      Who's the Liverpool headbutt security guy?!

      1. Upam Handique

        Ahh.. our defensive savior for the season

      2. Marko Kostic

        Nat Phillips.

    100. HelloItsFloppy

      And it has happened lol