😱3-2! Zinchenko Screams!😱 (Netherlands vs Ukraine 3-2 Euro 2020 Day 3 Goals Highlights)


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    1. KhaiM100

      "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" -Zinchenko 2021

    2. abidzar ghifari


    3. Teddy show Taylor


    4. Muhammad Haroth

      soundtrack title?

    5. Manchester United

      Eriksen ots ok

    6. Alan Reddin

      8 in a half I love euro 20 20 aka 2021

    7. Daniel Atkinson

      this video is like a shitpost of 442oons

    8. Бро

      Я з України)) ахахах, ржака пздц :D

    9. Oleksandr Shubert null

      Well, I think Zinchenko was one of the best in this euro2020🇺🇦💪 and he is the best of Ukraine.

    10. Legend Luke689

      I bet zinchenko is laughing since Ukraine got farther than the Netherlands

    11. d2 trappy 2009

      Good 0/10 crap

    12. Park Jimin

      Did he really scream

    13. syazani 123



      I think why he is screaming every time, I thought he didn't got the food in the morning. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🍲🍲🍲

    15. MASTIF

      Dont bully Zinchenko(

    16. samira salmin

      Okay, so this was a pretty random video but let me know what you thought of it in the comments out of 10! Thanks for watching, adios! CREDITS

      1. samira salmin

        I thought of it 10 out of 10 because it’s a funny series. And Jürgen Klopp screamed because Georginio Wijnaldum is going to PSG. What did you think of it out of 10?

    17. Nicola Zanetti

      Who's watching this now that Ukraine is qualified for the quarter finals?

    18. Youssef Helmy

      He might as well have gone Super Saiyan 🤣🤣🤣🤣 those transformations are filled with screams

    19. Robert Wood

      Part 2 for the Sweden game

    20. John Pavlych

      Im from ukraine and its fun😂



    22. Kobra DEMİRMET GAMER

      Background Music : bgclip.info/run/nGiJpbPb04Koz5Q/video

    23. Dagelijks ADHD


    24. Chetanveer Singh

      If you wanna punish your kids make them watch this 3 times and they will never do the same mistake again. Such as not cleaning their dishes after eating

    25. muhammed köse

      An ottoman slam needed for zinchenko to shut up

    26. Bobby's Fun Channel


    27. Tommaso Bonfantini

      Can u do euro 2020 the group stage in 100 second like world cup 2018?

    28. Zelfi Lês Parisiéns

      It is the best vidio 442ons make i ever see

    29. Александр Козерук

      He screamed Russian word : "Blyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat". Like "damn" in English.

    30. EGY GAMEZ


    31. Eyüp Ensar

      Man... The Euro 2020 was not good for turkey and ım from turkey that hurts

    32. Justin

      0:06 LOL,he face like Gullit

    33. Peter Olaoluwa


    34. AnuMessi100

      1:17 My favourite part.

    35. Tazio Moras

      I have to say something to chamge: The Galles flag has write:"Madrid" for the first word. But Bale is in the tottenham, for now

    36. Joseph Pagnier

      Very borin’

    37. amos Malsawmzuala

      Zinchenko: Time to kill ears

    38. Aldo Meylano

      Missed opportunity to include this: bgclip.info/run/rXeEl4qUw2ySrno/video

    39. Gidu Adam

      This video is a legend

    40. Morris Albers

      I love random videos 😂

    41. Anton O'Negin

      Ahahahahahah Zina😁😂😂😂))))

    42. Kirolos Dimian

      10/10 absolutely amazing

    43. Sara Mnisi


    44. Angela Smith


    45. F U T


    46. TTVyeetninja17


    47. Markvitez YT

      What a hell Zinchenko! XD

    48. Black fox

      Montage ⬆️⬆️⬆️

    49. Bacon and Sonic GAMING and ROBLOX 2021

      1:08 Remus Lupin: Oh no I’m holding a Siren Head human version, not Harry Potter

    50. Filipe Fernandes

      Thanos? 😂😂😂

    51. Tedd MK

      The best 442oons video of all time!😂😂

    52. Ahmed messari

      What the frick

    53. Ваня Дорохов


    54. Денис Симонов

      Я слышал его БЛЯЯЯТЬ

    55. Kieran

      Most eaiditing ever

    56. thalion2011

      Trying way too hard to establish a meme... Remember when Neymar rolling was thing? What a waste of time!

    57. InterTM

      1:20 MY EARS 😱

    58. InterTM

      0:16 He Can Be The Kid In Home Alone Lol 😂

    59. Majoras Chris


    60. Mateusz Bartoszewski


    61. Birungi Raymond

      Meme of the year

    62. Tyler


    63. Marco Raspa


    64. Youssef Koussa

      Plz stop it plz 😭


      that zinchenko scream freaks me out

    66. Naďa Pavloušková


    67. XX GAMING




    69. Desmond Lim

      Is this the first time that 442oons put a real face???

    70. Squirrels and Chestnuts

      I personally like cartoon. Still a good video

    71. Draw the tutorial


    72. Catalin Rus

      Like your channel in general lately, 0

    73. Tijn teun Games

      I am netherlands #WEARENL

    74. M. P

      Why dont you make videos for macedonia game?

    75. Anime dark zone

      Germany vs France plzzzzzzz

    76. Jayne Parker

      This is basically a day in the life of zichenko

    77. Just Steve

      Lol 442oons video quality dropping

    78. original film

      10 out of 10

    79. MaTh Bag

      By far the funniest meme I ever saw! :D

    80. Manchester United fan

      Can u please make the who won the league for man city. The one where they are on a bus and travel to all big clubs starting from the table. Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, leister, west ham, Tottenham, arsenal

    81. xander innet

      olee olee Nederland gonna win the game

    82. фнафер228

      А вот канала то русский 🗿

    83. Moaz Khan

      wtf did i just watch

    84. shailendra shinde

      Over acting by Zinchenko

    85. Omni o

      RIP eardrums

    86. Megan Chatters

      Lol those screaming memes made me laugh

    87. Benjamin M

      plaese no more of these vids.

    88. Marco Alvarado

      The wax one is so true

    89. DaBois

      I can't seem to find a video of him actually screaming

    90. ThatRealSere

      #Zinchenko Lendary good bye

    91. nzmctk


    92. Karen Angella Brown

      True story this. 🤣

    93. Abdullah Al Yaseen

      So random

    94. P Tran


    95. shawnbo

      Legend has it that zinchenko is still screaming today

    96. chris johnson


    97. Angoor Gaming


    98. Belirsiz çizgi Xd

      Turkey 4-2 Netherlands😎

    99. Mehmet Aksoy

      Wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    100. Margaret 0 Regan

      Vid idea : footballers play Minecraft