🏆Euro 2020 Knockout Stage Highlights🏆 (Italy, England, France, Spain & more!)


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    Check out the Group Stage highlights...
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    1. pain killer

      bgclip.info/vision/OLTR8zfIxvSzb7MyVqpduA .

    2. Maks Cisławski

      Still wating for the premier league song

    3. Bharaneshen

      When will you post the Sancho transfer to Manchester United

    4. sports hunter lithmin

      Hey 442oons plzz give another havertz video plzzzz

    5. LIZARX

      Hey man I'm just here to tell you thx for the amazing childhood

    6. leos chamber !

      just a reminder that dean is 41.

    7. Louise Wilson

      I am realy annoyed at the English fans (I am a England fan) for rasisim against Sancho, Saka and Rashford but its not their fault.



    9. Barış Ufuk Çağdaş

      count doku XD

    10. group sabah

      Next of David Alaba first day at real Madrid please

    11. infinity boy

      Come back frontman please

    12. Lucas

      Go back doing frontmen season 3

    13. muhammad moosa

      What name this game

    14. Nawfal's Gaming

      Can you do frontmen season 3 now

    15. Aarav Reddy

      Vid idea: Sergio Ramos first day at PSG!

    16. Saeed Taha

      Still waiting for a new video

    17. Josh

      When was the last time i saw a frontmen vid

    18. wiktor 2468 plays

      Do barca ledgends vs real madrid ledgends 20.7.21

    19. Un perro normal hace 7 años

      do gold cup resume pls

    20. QuamiFlows

      The two Atalanta players with paper heads are Freuler and Toloi And they were both on national teams at the euros

    21. asm playz- bangla gaming

      do euro 2020 like u did for world cup

    22. military337


    23. Zach Ali


    24. 10k- ObiOnYT


    25. Leooo_

      Please 442oons bring back wacky races for this season

    26. Itz RJ Fortnite

      Do frontmen attempt CR7's Free Kick Against Portsmouth F.C (If You Do Continue The Frontmen)

    27. Motiejus Jasmis


    28. Aditya Gupta

      Sergio ramos 1st day at psg

    29. Navjot Rani

      FIFA 22 rating

    30. The Reaper

      Why did you not animate Damsgaard goal against England? Some on is quite biased.. that was a good goal!

    31. Neo Official

      Make jadon sancho 1st day at man utd.

    32. Gabriel Satish Ramiah

      Dean, Sancho parody

    33. Vinh Chu

      Eriksen with the Audi Cup photo for Spurs :)

    34. mario gengar

      Dean Vaan Gal is back

    35. Konstantin

      Sweden vs Ukraine didn’t exist

    36. Alex Sanham

      R u do any players first days

    37. Danny M

      Jadon Sancho's first day at Man United

    38. Timeo Burg

      Hey 442oos Sergio Ramos and Wijnaldum have signed for PSG do a video about their first day.

    39. Martin Chweya

      I actually laughed at Muller's joke Olmost you know Dani Olmo Olmost

    40. budak OO9

      Do Frontmen Season 3 Siuuuuu

    41. Rinse Delbroek


    42. Hyper Youtube

      POV: You're Galatasaray "Please stop scoring 😥"

    43. Kyler Henderson

      Harry kane and jack grealish join city make harry kane and jack grealish First day at man city

    44. Bad WiFi


    45. Tyler Jones

      Do a song about Harry Kane going to Man City

    46. Lawrence TS HD

      when is the 21-22 premier league song coming ??

    47. Fans Club World

      imagine whole world is happy because you are happy!! what a journey...... God bless you messi...



    49. Marcin Folwarski

      Can Thomas muller please make a disstrack about ksi

    50. Kurd AssassiN

      What happened to frontmen

    51. Aliyah Couper

      You should do a love song for Ronaldo and Messi and how it’s a secret

    52. Mr cheese

      Frontmen season 3

    53. Grace Way

      Retro frontmen Fowler pele maradona danglish

    54. ati haj

      1st day sancho to man utd 🙏🙏🙏

    55. Gaming Melpi

      Do a video of Zlatan’s God powers vs Coutinhios Magic powers

    56. Karen Reid

      Do sancho first day at man utd's and james goal in 2014 world cup pls dean

    57. Warin Mustafa

      If I trick u u have to pin me read more….


        This is very obvious

    58. Sasuke Uchiha

      Do final of champions league Liverpool vs Ac Milan and Dudek hero of liverpool In 442oons football flashbacks

    59. Quinten King

      Plz do psv - Galatasaray 5-1

    60. Student Aiden NG Pak-yin

      "i can see the viet cong"

    61. king

      Can you please do the concacaf Gold Cup

    62. no inods animation

      442oons is supporting barcalona

    63. Alessandro De Nicolò FRZ


    64. Der Fifa boss

      Who will win the 2021 ballon d’or? My money is on Man City!

    65. Charlotte Hollingworth

      Make premier league song 2021/22

    66. Hendrika Vd Harst

      9 more days and ur first video the titel is 8 years old

    67. Eziukasss&Comps JR


    68. Riad Abd Essamad Hamdaoui

      Don't worry , new season is starting soon

    69. Subhajit Dey

      When will the frontmen return?

    70. Ngọc Tùng Nguyễn

      10:05 Look at Sterling

    71. I like soccer

      Is he dead

    72. Thomas Ong

      Can this channel make TOKYO Olympic 2020 ⚽ video? Please 🥺

    73. Luccaplaysiguess

      we learnt a valuable life lesson on this video, sometimes when you ask for something, it wont be handed over or done...as gareth asked for no penalty...the rest is history

    74. Castitas Lilium

      8:47 - Rest In Peace Donatello.

    75. Hockeykid 65


    76. Anesa Fazlioska

      Do a video depay‘s first day at barcelona

    77. Sems’s Archived Channel

      We need Ronaldo toy review 2

    78. la Gang del boschio

      Gli Inglesi Hanno inventato il calcio noi gliela abbiamo INSEGNATO.ITS COMING ROME

    79. Fc Bayern

      Please do griezmann leaving barca

    80. Ninfranko

      Start up the frontmen again, and make Olympic vids so I won’t be bored this summer

    81. MORNINGSTAR Gaming

      Do ramos first day at psg

    82. Ssvalleys RBLX

      Congrats to Italy

    83. Salvatore Centineo

      It's coming Rome 🤫🤫

    84. Minøø Minøø

      I like how the only way they mentioned Damsgaard's freekick, was by putting him between Kjær and Schmeichel, when they mentioned the victory over Denmark

    85. chen miki

      collaborate with soccer stories oh my goal

    86. hvhv

      Imagine if Kazakhstan play in euro 2024 😰

    87. hvhv

      Do videos about concacaf gold cup

    88. Zhyar Sabah

      Please ronaldo vs Messi

    89. sowda socade

      Why did you did not do Spain vs Croatia and Denmark vs Chec Republic

    90. FootballDomz

      There should be a song called “ My money is on Manchester city”



    92. Md Abir Hossen

      England fans in stadium: England taking penalty. And southgate is adviceing players about penalties. Also England fans in stadium:oh shit it going Rome.

    93. Aidil game vlog bfdi henry gacha life club

      sergio ramos psg transfer 2021-2023

    94. I like soccer

      Will you remember me when your famous

    95. Jauq e

      Depays first day at barca Dean???

    96. Super Penguin 64

      Everytime 442oons makes an its coming home video england lose so at the next world cup can you not do one

    97. Helena Pereira

      did anyone else notice dean changed henderson and kanes goals back the right way round

    98. Dihya Atmlm

      Yay its coming rome