🍕2-1! Italy vs Austria🍕 (Euro 2020 Chiesa Pessina Goals Highlights)


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    1. tham Phương

      🇮🇹 2 - 1 🇦🇹

    2. Nomis 05007

      Österreich wor scho gurt oida.

    3. salvo problemi

      It's coming your mom. Forza Italia

    4. Carlos Dragana

      Haha they shited on England


      Italy fans is there. If it is there put like here.


      Counter who has white hair and putting the black dress is so funny counter

    7. كيلوا


    8. WICKERS

      What was the whole primary school disco about?

    9. syazani 123


    10. Nope

      aged like milk

    11. xuanbao Xb2103


    12. Marco Taylor

      “I hope Belgium or Portugal spank their sorry little a****.”

    13. LittleLambForLife

      It was absolutely crap before extra time. Apart from the offside goal.

    14. sm6allegro

      Ah the Brits don't know Arsène only ever says "oui" when commenting games

    15. onrabonar renfro

      Maurino speaking Scottish

    16. Hari Sharma

      No they will win the euros

    17. Ashish Pereira

      Ermmm... Whre is the Austria goal?? Why the hate 442toons??

    18. Michael Huber

      Liener to liemer..... back to liener, to shlager

    19. Adam Moussadik

      Forza italia

      1. SLYRO

        Ah beh sempre cazzo

    20. Capitano Price

      At least we didn’t lost against Switzerland 🇨🇭 🤡

    21. Marco The guy

      Shit Luis Alberto veretout is a shit Luis Alberto

    22. Sigioelpro

      Rip austria.... Ha, goding Ha, goding Hahahahahahah

    23. tendangan pojok


    24. Trevor Philips

      Austria played well

    25. Kenneth Tisara

      I hate Italy

      1. SLYRO


    26. PRanxter is Gaming

      José's voice is a masterpiece

    27. Adrian Geremia

      “Just in case he moves to Serie A next season” *signs for bologna on a free*

    28. The Richardson's

      I watched this match. It was incredible. I can’t believe how close the offside was. It was insane

    29. -Al ex-

      As an italian I literally loved this match. It is my second favourite after the spain vs croatia's game!🇮🇹🤝🇦🇹 Both teams were amazing and played well in certain times! (italy first half and extra time 1 and Austria second half and extra time 2) The italian team tought they were unbeatable but I think that thanks to this match they'll train more and surprise in the match against Belgium. While Austria, they were the best austrian team I've ever seen!!! such a good way of defending!!! Really enjoyed it! Also for all the people that says that Italy was 'overrated' Welp yeah it was a bit- but not like other countries. ITALY WAS ABOUT TO LOSE OVER A GREAT OPPONENT. you can't say that Austria was poor balanced. I think even Spain, Portugal or France would have the same problem if they played against Austria. Remember that Turkey lost to Italy plus Wales and Switzerland and they were the dark horses, remember that England draw with Scotland and everybody said that they would smash them, remember that the Netherlands lost to the Czech Republic an underrated team and remember that France lost to Switzerland the same France that had more possibility than any other country to win the Euros and the same Switzerland that draw with Wales and lost to Italy!! In my opinion after the match they had with Italy they trained more and made such a success! Let's not overrate or underrate eachother just because of one match. This match is so similiar to Italy vs Australia in world cup 2006, everybody started to think that Ukraine would beat Italy easily after that match and then BAM. Italt won their fourth world cup!

    30. Jesus Vargas

      Ese gol de Chiesa fue el mejor gol qué he visto por parte de él, felicidades Italia vamos por la Eurocopa

    31. Maitrik Patel

      Dean has now animated the face of another Atlanta player , who's next?

    32. StokeFanDan

      What's the name of the tune playing in the background?

    33. DBG saniello 22

      Im italian and y love 442oons ❤️🇮🇹

    34. Sumara Hussain

      I don't know.

    35. Đã khuất Hoàng

      Do this more pls

    36. Ice In My Veins

      Damn u Joseee!

    37. sardinka123

      do the Czech vs Netherland game pls

    38. Filippo Pavarotti

      Arnautovic is in fact moving to serie A, to Bologna F.C.

      1. Marc ☆

        @Filippo Pavarotti oh ok

      2. Filippo Pavarotti

        @Marc ☆ Yes, but he is becoming a free agent and will sign for Bologna

      3. Marc ☆

        He plays right now for Shanghai Port

    39. wrad

      Its so wholesome to see jose and wenger

    40. Lewis Vanderzalm

      Will never have enough of Arsene

    41. Lidor Shookroon

      1:10 Jose know the future

    42. Mukundane Shepherd Crystal

      "....but can he do it on a cold night in Stoke?" Good ol'saying

    43. Amoo Fernando

      💙Vivvo Azzurro🇮🇹

    44. Arian Van Heisen

      Il goal di Chiesa è viziato da un fallo di mano ..! il Var non esiste per l' Italy ?

    45. Ky Codd

      Y don't show Austria's goal?

    46. Farrel Fattah Rifasa

      Who's remember when 442oons Austria squad players were all A.Schwarzenegger

      1. Someguyfrom Arcticfreezer

        It's hard to ignore, Austria without German dicktator.

    47. intersezioni

      why do coaches wear jackets? we are in summer.


      Its always difficult win against little teams that play in defence,just watch france and hungary

    49. Ciro Mertens

      So are we all gonna ignore, he edited Lainer into the scene of Chiesa's goals although it should be Laimer? Scrolles throught the comments and not one seemed to notice.

    50. Ciro Mertens

      1:28 Oh a classic, 442oons confused Lainer with Laimer. In reality it was LaiMer who ran past Chiesa but in the video it's LaiNer.

    51. kadri erkal

      Kerem ereal 77

    52. LUZZIX-21


    53. THFC COYS

      It’s so obvious that Dean didn’t see the game.

    54. WyrdzBytz

      I hope ur NED vs CZE animation will be ultimate, think of it as u animate next europa champions. Will save u few hours. .

    55. Arvid Brorsson

      I love these alternative commentary videos

    56. Antares TV

      The disrespect to Kalajdzic for not showing his goal. Honestly has 442oons something against Stuttgart, because they played a good campaign this season and weren't featured once in the 442oons Bundesliga series. Dean mentioned Kalajdzic in his Euro 2020 best Bundesliga striker video but he swapped out the Stuttgart badge for a Liverpool badge.

    57. freddie Mercury jr

      Forza Italia🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 you are the best Dean💪

    58. Matthias

      You should have shown sasa kalajdzic's goal too :(

    59. Opg Lfc yt

      do Belguim vs Portugal and Netherlands vs Czech Republic

    60. Sreekrishna A

      Chiesa 🔥🔥🔥

    61. Champion Red

      Dean please, make a video of Spain vs Croatia. You've forgot of your fellow Spaniards.

    62. Deepayan Pal

      "oh yes he already has"🤣

    63. H1911

      Please give an Croatia-Spain video, 442oons started to be Boring and I'm thinking of stop watch it!

      1. Airtight games

        @H1911shut up you didn’t even get to the final and we’ve got the world cup

      2. H1911

        @Airtight games Hahahah see your can

      3. Airtight games

        Stop it’s a really good channel your country can’t even win a major tournament ha

      4. MasterOdg

        Yeah tbh his videos are nowhere near as good as they used to be

    64. Mesut Kroos

      Arsene wenger : incidents missed in commentary 458,774 lol


      jose with the mind games

    66. Jack Sewpersaud

      No way! Dean gave an Atalanta player a face! Never thought I’d see the day…

    67. Mishal Ali

      Ronaldo last euro 😭😭😭😭

    68. Tseke Maila

      I had to Google Troy Parrot Jose!

    69. Amogh Kukreja

      But I thought it was your own players you destroyed 😂😂😂

    70. Tatag Pangestu

      Finally, u put subtitle to your video !!! I always feel headache when i watch your video without subtitle for understanding your accent.

    71. Santos Argueta

      The disrespect to Sasa Kalasdzic they didn’t show his goal

    72. Afron Malika

      Next Italy Vs Belgium ❤🔥

      1. THFC COYS

        Italy will win


      ciro 👑💙🦅

    74. Nathanael Marcello

      Next: Football React About Netherlands Lose To Cech The Republic(Czech Republic)

    75. Lory LorY

      * fascist music starts * XD

    76. Dray

      fun fact: Arnautovic has ACTUALLY moved to Serie A for next season

      1. Ciro Mertens

        of course, that is why they included that in the video. Its not confirmed tho

    77. jason martini

      i’m lowkey scared we haven’t gotten a who one the league vid in a while

    78. IN FINITY

      Best channel

    79. Max Glitch Sam

      italy are so lucky🙏🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🙏

    80. Yusuf Aibil

      sometime i just wish euro and wc wouldn’t have knock out stages cause as the competition go through there are lesser games to watch . but knock out stages also creates this excitement tho

    81. onytha hayura

      Even euro Dian's money is on man city..🙈

    82. Branstar7

      500th comment

    83. Joy

      Always Better than Losengland 1966 . The most ridicolous and loser football National Team ever.

    84. Hafiz Fachrezzy

      Can't wait for Portugal vs belgia

    85. Hamba Mu

      Watvh in real = 🚫 watch in 442oons = yes

    86. Afrizal _1953

      strong italiano💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🇮🇹

    87. Fawwaz 98

      Next portugal ☺️

    88. Sepehr Rastani

      Jose calling Spinazzola s**t even though he's gonna coach him next month is g o l d.

    89. pietro mancini

      Mourinho trained arnautovic back at inter

    90. Noot Noot

      jose: ''He's my number 1 transfer target'' wenger: ''Ohohoho classic'' Knows that jose will can't sign him to roma

    91. David Ogunkayode

      Double upload 🤩

    92. Jonas Baumgartner

      WTF where is the amazing Kalajdzic goal - that was unbelievable!!!!!!!

    93. Shinkin

      Best duo rivalry: Ronaldo vs Messi ❌ Jose vs Arsene ✔

    94. QuamiFlows

      Italy may get spank...but not by Portugal Next round: Battle of the strikers, Immobile vs Lukaku

    95. Petr Moravec

      442oons being more and more cancer At least Arsene Wenger commentates. "Hehee" José "Hehee" Mourinho on drugs sucks, he is ultra toxic. ☣️☢️

    96. Yasin Abdelghany

      where austrias goal?

    97. zDxcky

      This game just proved that you should never underestimate anyone. Austria really wanted it which u could see.

    98. Marcus Baker

      Just hilarious mind games... 😆😆 the best commentary teams Mourinho and Wenger or Mourinho and Ronaldo, Who didn't Wenger tried to sign 😆

    99. Shrek Shrek

      mou: see thierry henry mou: shit wenger u are just a shit wenger

    100. Craig Waters

      This is awesome