🏆Man City 0-1 Chelsea🏆 Champions League Final 2021 (Havertz Goal Highlights)


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    1. 442oons

      👕Chelsea Ltd Edition Merch👉🏻teespring.com/stores/442oons

      1. Master Link The Great

        They did win tho all is fair is war.

      2. Fatal FN

        Congrats to chelsea

      3. The Notorious Werner

        @Ferhati Hafid JSMS keep dreaming and keep crying

      4. The Notorious Werner

        @SCHALKE MIL GRAU As a Chelsea fan, you cant talk you got relegated😂😂

      5. Gustavo Folster

        @AllanxMiami well city win the league,and Leicester win the cup.It's just surprise cause Chelsea x Leicester was hilarious

    2. samira salmin


    3. Mikaeel The Legend

      Pep guardiola expetation champions of europe 2009 and 2011 vs pep guardiola reality loss of europe 2021

    4. Noor-Eddin Mohamed

      The Uefa Officials were on Pep's transfer list.

    5. Jreem

      I am sure that there is a universe where 2021 UEFA Supercup is a Manchester derby.

    6. samira salmin

      Well since on my money was on Manchester City I’m totally skinned so check out the 442oons Chelsea Merchandise below now! The link is in the description! These designs are a 7-day limited edition so get yours now before they disappear! Just like Kevin De Bruyne did. Adios! CREDITS

    7. d alleyne

      1,2,123 carefree we won the champions league YES we did

    8. Kai Sangha

      1:11 super Frank at the back

    9. Sami Aboujaoude

      My favorite team beat my cousins favorite team or second favorite team. (My cousin likes Manchester city and juventus so one of them is first favorite and the other is second)

    10. Rian Grogan

      People think Chelsea are not a popular team I went on fifa and there was a draw who would win and 97% voted city

    11. Arraysab - Ashton b -

      I mean, azpi doesn’t even know this song 😂😂

    12. Kelsey Waite

      We Just The F Word Campions Leauge

    13. Teddy show Taylor

      Chelsea yes we win Another team 😡😡😡😡😡😡 Me yes yes yes Chelsea wins

    14. Itália Ball

      Fun fact: City Will win the UCL in 2092

      1. danilo roksandic

        nope city will win it in 2194

    15. Cillian Carey

      Hahahahahhahaahha this is great happy chelsea won screw Man Shity!!!!!!!!!

    16. Kiefer Marius

      This is the best one by far

    17. LoretoYes

      Damn the only team in the Semifinals that wasn't my national favorite won


      chelsea play cheat

      1. Ice Bear

        @ARIFF RAZIQUE BIN NORHAFNIZAM Moe man city will bottle it again as usual keep dreaming about them winning ucl

      2. Mr_Vslatt

        Be chelsea again and btw chelsea are a better club than man CITY

      3. Mr_Vslatt

        It will


        @Mr_Vslatt why

      5. Mr_Vslatt

        it be chelsea again

    19. Dowpler

      yes as a chelsea fan

    20. Erikslays713

      Harzard rn: *cri*

    21. Amrit Ban

      What is john terry and frank lampard doing there?

    22. FKILS RK

      I put de bruyne in e.....

    23. FlinkerGamer TV

      Terry and lampard behind the team

    24. Meme & co.

      They don’t deserve that trophy

      1. danilo roksandic

        @Hamza’s Mom city nice one

      2. Hamza’s Mom

        I just want other clubs to have a chance kid? Like city or Juve

      3. Lizards are Pretty cool

        Then who does? Chelsea dominated every game they played this year in the ucl. There isnt a team that deserves it more.

    25. Alex Barna

      Where is Mendy??

    26. StarShot06

      I remember before the ucl had started I actually predicted Chelsea would win the Champions League, after the group stages I really doubted that they would. Then Tuchel changed everything! 💙 🔥

    27. Dipaw Argya

      LMFAO I just Realized that John Terry and Frank Lampard is also join Throphy Celebrations in the back and also wearing a full kit 😂

    28. alex

      very good song

    29. Dylan

      Did anyone remember singing the actual version of this song in primary school lol

    30. Steven Hayden

      Ok but where is mendy?

    31. NegativeIQ Gaming ROBLOX

      Plot Twist: Pep was crying at the end because Aguero his best player was leaving the club

    32. Filip 623

      0:51 Mason Mount is looking like Eden Hazard... ...4 years ago

    33. Timote baraka

      The cache is 😭😭 cry

    34. emi miw

      in the video of the champions league final at minute 0:14 the manchester city line-up is bad Mahrez and Sterling were center forwards and De Bruyne played as a midfielder

      1. Lizards are Pretty cool

        Played too much fifa mate that was the actual line-up

    35. Amina Pilica

      chelsea no premier league champions man.city yes

    36. kirbo

      after all of this “my money is on man city” when he finally had his chance it flopped

    37. Nimisha Jha

      1:12who noticed terry in the background

    38. LittleLambForLife

      Will dean change his mind on who will win the Champions League.

    39. Azri Hazim 19


    40. ItzWatermelonBoss

      there is a mistake billy gilmour shirt number is 23 but if you pause the video on his shorts it is 47

    41. starofdiamond

      They better make a derby between chealsea and man city cause god dame I’m mad

    42. A place where wired things happen

      The dislikes are from the city fans

    43. Bradley Williams

      Why is Terry and frank at the back?

    44. yassink

      0:14 haha

    45. NaoTimez

      Just realising that Terry and Frank are in the back lmao

    46. BermudasJojo

      Kepa won a CL Pogba won a WC What a world we live in

    47. Mr Melon

      how did i not realise frank lampard and john terry are at the back of the chelsea team

    48. Houssem Merouche


      1. Lizards are Pretty cool

        Go cry mate

    49. RedBlue Gamez

      0:09 Meanwhile Aguero Committing Suicide In The Backround

    50. Alex White

      Did anyone realise Frank Lampard at the back at the end of the video 😂😂😂

    51. Chelsea FC Fan


    52. Dylan Holland

      Anyone else notice frank lampard in the back of the trophy lift

    53. CosmicSoulMaestro

      Go CFC

    54. Francesco Lallai

      De Bruyne infortuned with head on head and them dead...

    55. Ryan Gitonga

      Wait is that JT and Frank in the background 1:15

      1. Jordan Todd 12


    56. Josephine Coruz

      Joke: who made earth Child:its kante because he covers the earth together with football

    57. Gael Chavez

      Chelsea putooo

      1. Franco González

        somos pocos hispanohablantes que seguimos este canal o hay más?

      2. Jei Marbañiang

        Lloras mas🤣🤣

    58. infinity boy

      2 records broken Kai Havertz- the youngest to score to the UCL final (20 years) Billy Gilmour- the youngest to win it (17 years)

      1. Zipit850

        @infinity boy and at the time of ucl final havertz was 21 and gilmour was 19

      2. Zipit850

        @infinity boy havertz is 22 and gilmour is 20

      3. infinity boy

        How old are they then?

      4. Zipit850

        havertz isnt 20 years and gilmour isnt 17 years what u on about

    59. @CFCMoi11

      Love those salty tears 1:09

    60. Raunak Iqbal

      Deans money gone to waste and I knew Chelsea was gonna win since Tuchel took over. The only team that can stop Man City from winning champions league. Everyone laughed at me 😂🤣😭

    61. Cav Dove

      Why is Lampard just at the back 1:14😂😂

    62. Sayeem Ahnaf

      1:17 did u see Lampard and terry?😃

    63. Flame -

      Bro I thought man city was gonna win :(

    64. Era Abazi

      Who else noticed JT and Lamps in the back?💙💙💙💙

      1. Zipit850


    65. Kreith

      Giroud isn’t wearing a kit if you look closely

    66. Josef Axelsson

      Were is mendY

    67. Cikgu Izwan Nasir


    68. Barry Forsyth

      If city want all these attackers so where would you play them

    69. AMXHD

      At 1:00 did anyone notice John Terry and Frank Lampard were in the Chelsea team celebrating?

    70. Wan Anwar

      I think Liverpool UCL final song more bettter🔥👌

    71. Jaladi Shetty

      U can who won the champions League song

    72. That Unusual Gentleman

      Bro a parody of a hymn holy shit how do you do it

    73. IN FINITY

      I love a havertz ❤️

    74. Lynsey Stroyan

      Dean vote man city but Chelsea won a 1-0

    75. Mancityboi1234

      F u chealsea

      1. Marisa Geary

        Yes man city

      2. Jei Marbañiang

        Cry more😉

    76. Two Hundred

      Noooooooooooooo I Love Man City!!!!!!

      1. Two Hundred


      2. Marisa Geary


      3. Jei Marbañiang

        Cry more🤣

    77. Shelina Akther

      And they literally could have been kind and let mancity win it and let aguero lift it he has never now hes at barca crying

    78. Shelina Akther

      Rudeiger almost killed somebody

    79. Shelina Akther

      I hate chelsea

      1. Jei Marbañiang

        Cry more😂


      Next year I'm guessing City will win the champions league.

    81. Anomalie

      0:28 wholesome moment rn

    82. Ademfenwa

      This is class

    83. world cup 2021 TV 1

      Chelsea 2021 tuchel special one

    84. Cikgu Izwan Nasir


    85. Sumron

      Another EPL Team with a 9585948329043890463784963789644869084632908946284294289462894028429078429072978462ß900682904632894038ß908432€ Budget won the Champions League hooraay zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    86. Danny Eapen Mathew

      I had a advise for you Dean for one time don't say "my money is on man city"maybe they win the champions League next season

    87. SkyRise Senpai

      Chelsea is so lucky to not play against Bayern lol

    88. carrie Lind

      macity is better then Chelsea!!!

    89. Péter Buczkó

      Why everybody has 33 number?

      1. the parabola

        It says 33 signings

    90. King Dice

      Damn you lampard

    91. Free Bird

      Did no one else notice John Terry and Frank Lampard in the back row?

    92. Nivin Syju

      Tuchel to PSG : How the turn table's

    93. hongkongsmartboy

      In 2005, AC Milan staffs and squads celebrated in changing room during half time after leading Liverpool by 3:0. Bayern Munich staffs, squads and fans celebrated after confirmed that Chelsea had been the UCL final opponent in 2012. Manchester repeated this action in 2021.

      1. Jei Marbañiang

        Remember when PSG celebrated after winning in the semis😂

    94. Khôn Nguyễn Chí

      Poor De Ginge

    95. The lucky N3on llama YT

      Frank lamapard was in there but in that video he said I hate Chelsea now that karma HAHAHAHAHA

    96. Sco Mate

      Where’s Mendy

    97. hongkongsmartboy

      In 2012 Champions League final, Robben completed his mission. In 2013 Europa League final, Matic completed his mission. In 2019 Europa League final, Cech completed his mission. In 2021 Champions League final, De Bruyne completed his mission.

    98. Kuba Kokot

      Who watch after Eriksen heart attack?

    99. suranjan dey

      Doesn't get old.

    100. CartoonsWorld

      Im surprised because you said nothing about 'Kepa has more UCL's than buffon'