🏆Messi wins Copa America!🏆 (HIGHLIGHTS ARGENTINA 1 - 0 BRASIL | COPA AMÉRICA 2021 | 10-07-21)


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    1. 442oons

      Messi Copa America Merch👉🏻 bit.ly/leocopa 7 Day Limited Edition!

      1. mountain shots


      2. Fatimazahra El Fartali


      3. DailyRoblos

        7 day limited edition Me:looks up 6 days ago me: o no

      4. sindhu sunil

        Look at what Messi forgot to do during coppa final bgclip.info/run/iKxvhaPc1ZmXsKQ/video

      5. jackthehustlerkid

        What is the name of the soundtrack..?

    2. Rezia Begum

      maradona love two nation Argentina and Italy. when he alive after retirement after 2006 this two team fully flop. after his death first copa and first euro held 2021 and two champions are Argentina and Italy. imagine when he alive everytime he disappointed for Italy and Argentina. imagin if today he alive

    3. Octane444xd

      Last part was sad

    4. Anirved Choudhury

      the last scene was epic.

    5. divya sajith

      Argentina wins copa america Italy did u beat them in their stadium i did in wembley

    6. Lionel Messi

      Finely, a international trophy


      Rip Diego armando maradona

    8. mountain shots


    9. Lev Ufimtcev


    10. Shreshth Bhatia

      That Maradona part though❤️❤️🥺

    11. Jake

      at lwast he won an intermational trophy

    12. احمد عاطف

      0:42 Allison laughing at ederson but you lost the final

    13. Jonid Ymeti

      Ederson got chippen #ramos

    14. Dark Gaming


    15. Rowland89

      Very happy ending

    16. Conversation Classes

      Islas Malvinas win Falkland Islands lose

    17. Matias Ricardes

      Vamos Argentina

    18. JINAV VIRAL SHAH [Parel]

      the true champion here is emiliano martinez

    19. Wilson Figueroa

      Buena animacion sigue asi dios te cuide y te bendiga

    20. Fans Club World

      imagine whole world is happy because you are happy!! what a journey...... God bless you messi...

    21. Danna Rodriguez

      0:21 funny part

    22. Danna Rodriguez

      0:22 funny part

    23. Danna Rodriguez

      0:50 Funny part

    24. ItsBenPlayz

      I like the part where messi met maradona

    25. Bob

      thomasshole be like: it took them 28 years, y'know 2-8 years😂

    26. dcoog anml

      1:31 i'm not crying my eyes are just sweaty

    27. kha nguyen


      1. dcoog anml

        SO so proud of this man!!😭😭❤❤ EAST OR WEST.. MESSI IS THE BEST!!!🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    28. Cándy Röhán

      The Maradona part is so satisfying. Maradona never won copa America but won world cup and now messi won copa

    29. Rendeaf


    30. Steve Hsu

      Messi threw Renaldo

    31. Steve Hsu

      I like 1:23

    32. Asin Francis

      Poor Ronaldo 😣😣😣

    33. Asin Francis


    34. Ali 2 oyun

      Argentina vs brizal

    35. poul soto

      Name of the song jajaja my little brother jim loved it

    36. Shinu T. S

      Please make a vedio of messi not giving copa america trophy


      nooooooooo neymar 😔

    38. yoelplays videogames

      Di Maria goal let’s go Argentina I give respect Brazil too.

    39. grandpa gaming

      Good parody


      Eu não adoro Messi


      Thanks for making this for my country

    42. 7 NameTimes

      I smiled at the end

    43. oiuet souiu

      SO so proud of this man!!😭😭❤❤ EAST OR WEST.. MESSI IS THE BEST!!!🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    44. rexfil Aga

      Bu adamlar hâlâ çok iyi

    45. tham Phương

      🇦🇷 1 - 0 🇧🇷:))

      1. oiuet souiu

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    46. Phat Huynh

      Messi crazy neymar jr dead

    47. Pablo Reyes

      I have never seen mexico team ???

    48. JMG

      Ronaldo will win the WC 2022 and then I will fulfill my maximum happiness


        Keep dreaming

    49. world cup 2021 TV 1

      Finally Messi wins Copa America

    50. LizarGamer55

      The final is sad

    51. Proton


    52. Amit Das

      How many of you are watched more than twice?

    53. DarylStories

      Lol I haven't watched 44toons in a while now

    54. Nabil Adjil

      Messi 🤮🤮

      1. Genius football S710

        Penaldo 🤡

    55. Gabriella Panepinto


    56. Jayanthi Sarathy

      1:18 Ronaldo 🤣🤣

    57. Patrik countryball and gamer

      1:33 R.I.P

      1. Patrik countryball and gamer


    58. DJ Phú Rapper

      Maradona is happy with his own greatest student

    59. Sadhna Yadav

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    60. ui jk

      The condemned digestion preferentially notice because margaret similarly squeak concerning a murky governor. craven, complex headline

    61. qopoy dnon

      He finally won an international Tournament after years of hurt

    62. Bradly Hesneider Caballero Cisneros

      messi o argentina y su equipo 😡

    63. Yamin Khan


    64. Ryan Madzvimbo


      1. Ryan Madzvimbo

        @qopoy dnon Argentina won Copa America

      2. qopoy dnon

        That was cute, specially the Maradona part :D

    65. Clerene R Heath

      Dean do u now when the frontmen will be bk

    66. El Ulicos

      Gracias Diego.

    67. Teddy show Taylor

      Wait Cristiano was watching it he was going Brazil lost a goal and rage and smashed every thing

    68. Jo Schooler

      I wished Maradona was there to celebrate with Leo😢

    69. Deya Akayleh


    70. Pamir Soydamal

      1:04 see the scorline

      1. Pamir Soydamal

        @احمد Tv i knew i was joking too lol

      2. احمد Tv

        Dude 442oons was joking because MESSI chance was 100% goal but he messed it

    71. FS MEDI TUBE

      I died laughing at the beginning, n in the end it was a good touch with MARADONA

    72. jarif ayon


    73. Pablo Bojorge

      Jajajaj muy bueno el video, me encanto el final con pelusa, gracias 442oons👏👏

    74. Placebo Effect

      Argentina Deserved it more

    75. Wazza THFC

      The maradona part

    76. Alien Xeliose

      That was cute, specially the Maradona part :D

    77. Alfonso Espinoza.

      Me gustaría que Messi subiera una foto con todas sus medallas de la Copa America 3er Puesto 2do Puesto 1er Puesto CAMPEÓN.

    78. Neesh

      at this point i just feel happy for leo

    79. user

      The last part made me cry of happiness and sadness. Very nice detail 442oons. Also tell Thomas that I love his jokes very much

    80. SpaceML

      Messi: wins the Copa America Ronaldo: game on

    81. g gaming

      Im an Argentina fan so Im happy

    82. Logan Mitchell

      Allison laugh 😂😂😂


      Last moment is really emotional 😭😭😭😭

    84. Nikolay Drosev

      The end is the best part

    85. Jerry Flower

      The Maradona just hit

    86. Pear Jun

      neymar is a good roll model

    87. Billy The Communist

      dean spelt brazil wrong in the video title 😂

    88. Tyler Ziervogel

      Ronaldo the traitor


      Jajajajajajajajaja que cagada

    90. Salar Rana

      Imiss the old times when he used to voice act as well

    91. Amanuel Gessese

      Dean, you should do a flashback about 2005 UCL final

    92. yusif.

      Ronaldo in a Brazil kit me: Does he want to be R9?

      1. Mystery Man

        Yeah he is trying to be the real ronaldo

    93. HS Sports

      I love the way that Allison’s was laughing at his own team.

    94. nothing important


    95. it'za dawbz

      What about América vs europe 3🤔👍

    96. Kalashnikov Kov


    97. Kalashnikov Kov

      Messi THE BEST EVER👑⚽️.

    98. Jose Ayala

      1:32 i like this part

    99. XdragonX

      Ronaldo broke tv its funny LOL