😡Ronaldo Knocked Out! De Ligt Handball!😡 Belgium Portugal 1-0 Netherlands Czech Republic 2-0 Euros


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    Belgium 1-0 Portugal
    Netherlands 0-2 Czech Republic
    Thorgan Hazard wonder goal! De Ligt Hadnball!
    Check out the goals and highlights!

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    442oons was created by me... Dean Stobbart! I do the voices/scripts/ideas/directing/editing/characters blah blah blah ... and now I've got four animators doing all the hard work, the animation... (which is why the animation looks better)
    Bravo Mike Myler, James Williams, Lauren Bagstaff and Karl Hargreaves (Karl does the art these days too).
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    1. Da Hylian Able

      The "let me walk!" part was probably the best football meme I've ever seen.

    2. -foxwint-

      That Stressed out cover was genius

    3. Steve in Action

      Rui is a good keeper 😑

    4. bryan pereira

      Ronaldo stressed out by 21 pilots

    5. VirtualBong

      One of the best vids in a while

    6. world cup 2021 TV 1


    7. The guy who does things

      Best video in EURO 2020

    8. Dark Angel

      The name of the real song?

    9. Pes Logic

      21 pilots 💣💣💣💣

    10. endrigamingapple good yt

      Bruno bruno bruno he went home with nothing like cristiano 😂

    11. i am beluga

      Romelu showed true loyalty to Ronaldo.


      I think Cristiano Ronaldo should not be aged he should still aged 19 or 15 then he will not get old age. 🤣🤣🤣🤣⚽⚽

    13. Loan Hoang

      the lyrics like stressed out, but the music was not.

    14. It’sAd

      Best one I’ve seen! Well done!

    15. The Blue Car

      What's the original song?

      1. The Blue Car

        @Yoko Ono ok thanks

      2. Yoko Ono

        Stressed out

    16. Brennen Brown

      how come no one is talking about when ronaldo asked de ligt to give rui patrico lessons that was very weird

    17. Ashish Nair

      Ronaldo's song brought me tears😓😢

    18. Julie Kneale

      Finally a song based on twenty one pilots

    19. Neeraj Nair

      I love Ronaldo getting trolled .THanks dean

    20. xuanbao Xb2103


    21. It's Time to Complete your Autopsy

      1:20 Why is a Czech playing running with a baby?

    22. Brais78

      0:35 I love that line by Bruno

    23. Robert FC

      stressed out

    24. Tim Dyer

      Who turned Ronald in timo Werner?

    25. sisterMC and bro

      Where is video spain against Croatia 5-3 442oons?

    26. Momen Adel

      Minute 0:23: on tv screen under Belgium flag it says Bruno and under Portugal flag it says Belgium on

      1. bacon kingz

        Bruno vs Belgium means highlights but nice

    27. AR khan

      442oons your favourit player is cr7 but messi is best of all.

    28. slap or dares

      Name of the original song pls

      1. iemand die je niet kent

        @slap or dares np

      2. slap or dares

        @iemand die je niet kent thanks

      3. iemand die je niet kent

        Twenty one pilots- Stressed out

    29. bcvbb hyui

      The last scene of De Ligt turning NBA got ROFL..... Omg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. Kevin Rumija

      How do you make these so quick, great job

    31. Booboo Wells

      Has anyone noticed that when Pepe sang his mouth didn’t move for some of the words

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Your the best

    32. Argo Dyuti

      which song resembles to it??

      1. enzo petris

        stressed out by 21 something i dorgot. but its the song thats like "wish we could turn back time to the good all days"

    33. William Aidoo

      Patrick Schick wasn’t even appealing for a handball, genuine confusion🤣🤣🤣

    34. HeskyNinja

      What is the music?

      1. enzo petris

        stressed out


      Can you please do a flashback the final of the euro 2004 Greece won portugal

      1. Goldify

        i don't think that match is that important for him to do it

    36. 💦Mr_BryanUwU💦

      "yeah that was me" yeah football isn't for you bruno you cant even win the Europa League even the nose of Zlatan Can shoot better

    37. 💦Mr_BryanUwU💦


    38. soiung toiue

      I guess Ronaldo really was "Stressed Out"

      1. Goldify


    39. Travis Chaatha

      Comedy plus emotional

    40. MS H

      Bruno: Has decent shot that was semi-good. Ron: YOU SHI*LE MC DINGLE!

    41. Footballconnor

      1:36 there 2 442oons logos

    42. Emmanuel Choi

      KDB after say let me talk and 2nd he sure say he will say let me walk and 3rd times is he will say let me fight lol

      1. soiung toiue

        Song - Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

    43. Garrett G

      Love this video

    44. Masum Billah

      The unknown drink cephalometrically frighten because collar modestly compare of a homeless lung. wicked, fragile twig

    45. Mr Moon

      Romelu’s beard is doing magic

    46. Jude Jans

      The look on Bruno’s face makes me die

    47. Charlie Becerra

      Your the best

    48. demonic chair666

      omg im so happy twenty one pilots song parody is here ||-//

    49. oiuet souiu

      The last scene of De Ligt turning NBA got ROFL..... Omg🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    50. Vafin Dukuly


    51. Lalita Tiwari

      The heady begonia isely bless because kidney advisably sniff concerning a rampant lily. internal, cut polish

    52. Aidan Kazri Kadir


    53. Uroš Lukač

      0:47 we hear CR7 n Pepe duet, but Pepes mouth dont move till his single.

      1. oiuet souiu

        I guess Ronaldo really was "Stressed Out"

    54. kadri erkal

      Kerem ereal 66

    55. LøcalDreamer Z

      Song - Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots

    56. Niels De Plecker

      'Wish we had a better referee' says the one whose team should've had 2 red cards

    57. Reshirex


    58. crónicas góticas

      Why you have not made a video of North Macedonia

    59. Charming Sas

      I swear Dean and his Team are absolutely UNIQUE This is really funny

    60. Hendrik Serrien

      Ronaldo in Vermaelens pocket all day. Bruno go back 2 swimming u diver

    61. ELMI ABIR

      Stressed out brings back memories

    62. Adam Qwerty

      twenty one pilots props

    63. Nikoli2108 Damigos

      Stressed out

    64. dressedhatto

      Dean doing a twenty one pilots parody was less expected than the Netherlands getting knocked out in the round of 16

    65. seeni gzty

      I guess Ronaldo really was "Stressed Out"

      1. Goldify


      2. Fnf Gamer

        Ha I get it

    66. El Barcelonista 🔵🔴

      Do Spain Croatia please

    67. Cu Mhara

      Stop making fun of kevin de Bruyne’s eye but great video

      1. seeni gzty

        Originally song

    68. Tssadia Mapurisa

      We can now now truly say Ronaldo senior

    69. Dani Manaces

      “Whoops he heard” Ronaldo 😂😭

    70. Abdulhaleem Turkostani

      Ronaldo: I wish we can turnback time to the good old days Me: when you hit a fly to the head Your head

    71. mazarek

      Netherlands - Czech Republic 2-0??? Correct your title ...

    72. Conor Keane 19

      I give mbappe 8 out of 10

    73. Praise Jamgbadi

      Whoever comes up with this things deserve an accolade 😂😂👏👏👏

    74. Tariq Shehadeh


    75. Carolina Enthusiast

      OP song choice

    76. hassan

      Hi my little brother asked if u can bring back Ronaldo jnr back for a toy reviews he got sad and cried to sleep a tiny series please he has been asking for 1 hole month

    77. Oluwanifemi Ojo

      I love this song

    78. Batte Jeanpaul

      "There's a McDonald's right over there"🤣🤣

    79. Kaja Stolz

      Holeš Is best

    80. Serj Down

      Stressed out by twenty one pilots sang by Ronaldo? That's quality content right there

    81. Solo so


    82. Taha Ettarnichi

      Originally song

      1. alefox 379

        Twenty one pilots - Stressed Out

    83. Kali

      it can be the last Euro for Cr7 Or he gonna play in 2026 euro

    84. BITZ

      Can you do copa america highlights of the group stage?

      1. iemand die je niet kent

        @BITZ haha it was just a joke

      2. BITZ

        @iemand die je niet kent ok 😓

      3. iemand die je niet kent

        No, nobody cares

    85. Marvel Man

      Bro you should start a series.Its a what if? Example what if werner go to liverpool,Man city win UEFA champions league final and more.You can do right

    86. SB

      i died w de ligt😭

    87. Asif Nihal

      Next is brazil in copa america haha

    88. Legendary Abdullah

      Well that was dreadful... dreadfully short

    89. tendangan pojok


    90. שחר פתאל

      France coming home

    91. Sami Alazzeh

      Messi is the G.O.A.T ronaldo was nowhere in the game.

    92. Rajas Patade


    93. Rajas Patade


    94. Croatian Boys

      World cup 2018: Croatia second and France first Uefa Euro 2020: Croatia and france get knocked out in quarter-final

      1. ViridianDario

        Not even quarter finals

    95. Lukáš Truhlář

      Czech republic 🇨🇿💪

    96. Erni

      France vs switzerland

    97. Daniel Ulises

      YES! finally 442oons used a song from Twenty one Pilots ❤❤❤

      1. Zep Onice

        Yeah stressed out

    98. DDE SSS

      Ronaldo 😁

    99. ST0N3 X K1LL3R

      That basketball was funny😂

    100. Ernest Onwona

      Why is Muller holding the World cup trophy? Germany aren't champions anymore.