🏆Ronaldo Record! Rudiger bites Pogba!🏆 (#5 Euro 2020 Highlights France vs Germany Hungary Portugal)


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    1. 442oons

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      1. JUSTICE MAN


      2. Ollieboy123

        Oi oi

      3. Elizabeth Barbosa


      4. Yadhu Krishna

        Want a neymar brazil video 😂😂😂

      5. WOW TV


    2. tham Phương

      🇵🇹 3 - 0 🇭🇺

    3. Gergő Lévai

      Meanwhile in the Hungarian fan zone: ,,Ronáldó homoseksual, Ronáldó homoseksual!" And that's true. Go cry about it.

    4. Eulalia DaUane

      wtf*** was that rudgier

    5. Gus Malta

      Such a good song

    6. Aslı Ece Özşahin


    7. Aslı Ece Özşahin


    8. PauloNatanael Dos Santos Sanabre


    9. My Name

      Petiton for Rudiger to be animated only with Suarez teeth from this point on.

    10. cartoon gamer


    11. Jdhdh Jdfhdhd

      Top ten songs this year

    12. Kai chisaki

      "Penaldo" lol who cares about that he is the top scorer in history of football

      1. Mystery Man

        But is he winning the ballon d'or this year? ;)

    13. Ihatetheunicornfamilybutiliketheirmerchandise

      I hate coke and Pepsi

    14. Andrei Damian

      here after messi won the copa america

    15. Jack Wilson

      Ronaldo and Fernandes: Messi drew oh what a shame. Messi: and I took that personally

    16. Matas Xd

      1:14 CR7: Messi drew what a shame! Me: well that escalated quickly

    17. Aussie Pigeon Man

      “Messi drew wow so lame” That aged well

      1. Mystery Man

        About as well as milk

    18. Glenn Bwire

      Messi won oh what a Shame

    19. Gergő Cservenák

      from hungari

    20. Victor Piscotta

      Rudiger the walking dead

    21. Off The Line

      “Messi drew, oh what a shame” Messi won Copa America, Ronaldo didn’t even make the quarters in the Euros

    22. cesarsaldana's VIDEOS

      The song that was sung in the Hungary vs Portugal is a parody of the song “Hall of Fame” by The Script feat. will.i.am.

    23. shawnbo

      "Messi drew" atleast he won copa america

    24. Real Madrid Official

      1:12 whos laughing now ronny

    25. Alexander Pereira

      Who's here after messi won the copa america

    26. Money Snake

      Can you make a video Argentina vs Brazil hightlights? I want to hear Tomas müller joke about this and ofc Ronaldos reaction

    27. Jackmidi9 TikTok

      Not penaldo it’s Free kick Aldo

    28. 8-bit Stiven

      1:11 Ronaldo must be so mad after the copa america final

      1. Spanish 442oons fan

        Poor guy

      2. The Ricky5

        finaly the true goat wins his silverwear

    29. Jake Gamer

      0:44 Didn’t pass Next game Portugal 🇵🇹 makes the best counter attack against Germany 🇩🇪

    30. Blogan

      What a shame Ronaldo got eliminated by Belgium in the Round of 16 and Messi is in the Copa America Final

    31. BenBonBun☑️

      The cannibal of Germany

    32. Mateo Hecimovic

      1:01 tf that was weird

    33. Roy Belzer

      1:15 like if you are here after Argentina reached the Coppa America final and Portugal lost in the round of 16's.


      I think ronaldo will be champion in every year. He is the mountain of football. He will defeat all the players even Messi too he said I think.


      Who bite POGBA on his back🤔🤔🤔

    36. Money Snake

      Please put this song in apple music

    37. jflux

      Penaldo x Penandes

    38. Sveinbjorn Steingrimsson

      love your cartoons 442oons road to 10milion subs

    39. pqgers

      well this video about portugal aged well ;)

    40. Luay Qamhiya

      🇭🇺0-3🇵🇹 🇫🇷1-0🇩🇪

    41. GAMING on the WAY

      Sir u again predicted the future. Low really caught licking his fingers during match vs England. 😂😂😂

    42. Vince Gameplay

      Platini: scores his 9 goals in only 1 Euros. Ronaldo: scores his 10 goal in 5 Euros. 7yo CR7 fans: Ronaldo is better than Platini!

    43. Sonja Tanasic

      Humels scored goal in 2014 vs france Humels scored own goal in 2020 vs france

    44. Balder Jensen Moen

      Well those 2 Euro trophys didnt age well.

    45. ail التميمي

      🇧🇪1- 0 Protugal

    46. James

      The real question is why was pogbas shoulder there

    47. Kobra DEMİRMET GAMER


      1. Sir Chonk


    48. Prabhu Manandhar


    49. KXNG 9 9 9


    50. Titus v Sam

      I Love roanldo version hall of fame😋😋😋

    51. Rayyan Gaming with football

      Ronaldo is the greatest to play football because he has won five champions league

    52. Rakin Choudhury

      0:24 Suarez voice from nowhere at Euro

    53. HTD Nightcore

      what song is you parody in the first song

      1. Nabhan

        Hall of fame

    54. Kobra DEMİRMET GAMER

      Please do a 1 hour version of the song

      1. Kobra DEMİRMET GAMER

        @Nabhan I know

      2. Nabhan

        The song is hall of fame

    55. Tommaso Bonfantini

      Can u do euro 2020 the group stage in 100 second like world cup 2018?

    56. Leo Offman


    57. Arif Hafizi

      is very funny I like that

    58. LPTogether

      germany madeeeeeeeee it yessssssssssss

    59. alivia chaudhuri

      HERE AFTER PORTUGAL ARE GOING OUT 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 its karma

      1. alivia chaudhuri

        @Senhor Guga uhhhhh yeah france and Hungary were robbed

      2. Senhor Guga

        You sure?

    60. DarthVidar-spiller

      Rudiger must have taken notes from Luis Suarez and Anthony Annan. It's the only thing that makes sense.

    61. Mohamed Ashraf

      Hey guys in my playstation iqin fifa 21 i chapion legeu final man united vs piemonte calcio ronaldo vs bronu i bring goal by bicycal kick

    62. Abhishek Nothing

      It's hall of fame🤣🤣🤣🤣

    63. Justin

      I came here after They lose to Germany

    64. scorpion and Alex

      Want to the original song it hall of fame

    65. abdlemalak zahaf


    66. Danny Power

      In the first The Script's song Hall Of Fame was used thanks for using it

    67. ZIR SHIINE

      0.7 Shut Up Bruno 😅

    68. ja game

      The watery italian importantly meddle because pyramid accordantly enter outside a jazzy radio. hypnotic, plastic hamster

    69. Zudarzahn Show

      Song-1 : Hall of Fame

    70. Hybrid Theory

      France couldve destroyed Germany with 3-0. But the Offside Jury of Fifa doesnt allowed it. You know marketing and all

    71. Ghostic2

      France Portugal Germany vs Hungary balanced Group the Group is balanced like League Of Legends

    72. iroquois du78

      What is the worst thing for Germany? The defeat or Pogba has been the player of the game? 😂😂😂

    73. Cish Super

      Finali portugál 4th place xd

    74. Notch1234

      Penaldo XD

    75. MemerOmar

      That hall of fame song is lit from Ronaldo

    76. Joe Han


    77. Lukas Hladik


    78. Los best


    79. yusif.

      Ronaldo: Drink water cuz Koke is lame. That reminded me of Danny Drinkwater and Koke 1:04

    80. Alexander Charles

      After listening to ‘Ronaldo’ on 442oons say that “you can’t even win the europa league” to Bruno fernandes I thought that ronaldo couldn’t even win the serie A let alone the fact that he came in 4th 1 point ahead of going into the europa league. LMAO

    81. Wazir Khan

      I think suarez gave Rudiger rabies

    82. Judit Edina Molnár

      i am hungary

    83. Iacob Ileni

      Rudiger: Bites Pogba Suarez: thats my boy

    84. ×Golden Dragø×

      Portugal 2 - 4 Germany

    85. Fayiz

      Does anyone know the name of the original song?

      1. Fayiz

        @Max Carter thanks

      2. Max Carter

        It Hall of Fame by The Script

    86. Just A Random Tiger

      In the Germany vs Portugal match at half time. Portugal have scored 3 goals yet are losing 2-1

    87. BARTEK CH.


    88. Huy Nguyễn

      1:26 who is here after Jota pass to Ronaldo vs Germany

    89. jun ho park

      The invincible rainbow aboaly taste because fox rheologically knit save a annoyed cable. oafish, thankful snowman

    90. Genji pes Gaming

      Var part got me

    91. Kris Gordon

      That wasn't really a bite. To my eyes, Rudiger nuzzled Pogba

    92. Joel Mudhasi

      This is my best youtube channel More content bruv

    93. Gamerozo Gamelance

      I loved that game noise when he ran to the penalty spot

    94. Jaayy19

      For the Hungary flag u should put rashford in the middle of it

    95. Sahoran Boral

      "I hate Koke Cola..". Hilarious

    96. Normal Kinz

      2:08 hmm nice reference

    97. rujue tatou

      The reminiscent plant technologically occur because greece superficially suggest alongside a past cicada. mature, outrageous division

    98. Lee Pearce

      Kane for 150 million

    99. Barnabás Kovács


      1. Barnabás Kovács

        @DARIUS-PETRU SALE 3-3(5-4) 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Barnabás Kovács

        @Mafia Boss Rosie 2-0 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      3. Barnabás Kovács

        @DARIUS-PETRU SALE 1-0😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      4. Barnabás Kovács

        @Mafia Boss Rosie 2-2🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺🇭🇺😂😂😂

      5. Barnabás Kovács

        @DARIUS-PETRU SALE 1-1😂😂😂

    100. M1911PH

      Rudiger really said “Mmm French chocolate”