🤯2-2! Germany Hungary Portugal France MADNESS! (Ronaldo Benzema Goals Highlights Euro 2020)


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    1. 442oons

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      1. cameron norton

        btw sterling has an MBE to animate on his shirt

      2. Adryan Santiago

        What song is this

      3. Katerina Trajkovski


      4. Katerina Trajkovski


      5. xuanbao Xb2103


    2. Ashen2006


    3. Dusi Dusán

      Hungary is a Best!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Marshall Smith

      My top 3 Euros vids: This, England 2-0 Germany, England 4-0 Ukraine

    5. İsmayıl Mustafayev

      0:50 Wait a minute.How Hungary at 2nd?Portugal win Hungary.

    6. Manchester United Fan 64

      Who’s here when Italy won the euros

    7. Asser

      And in the end England bottled it

    8. MrPokeBoi1

      this makes me out when i think of England

    9. cesarsaldana's VIDEOS

      The most funniest part of this video is when Kane and Sterling both say, “Knees bend! Arms stretch! EN-GER-LAND!”

    10. Arnie Pa

      England vs Germany . 4 days later - 2-0

    11. Dawud Gaming

      0:49 Harry Maguire was not wrong about saying "ITS COMMMING HOOOOME!"

      1. Flow Prod.

        aged like milk

      2. אנונימי 1234

        He was wring bro

      3. Gible23


      4. CrazyTuber

        Aged very well

    12. thomsonfly645k

      Tomorrow it's OH NO Italy at Wembley because England have never beaten them in a competition.

    13. nadzmcr


    14. Md. Reaz Hosen

      Group of F = Fail

    15. Mason Mountain


    16. Nikokill59

      What's a PTSD?

      1. Nikokill59

        @TheSiarczan 7 Thx I will use it more often and at the beggining I thought it was a drug

      2. TheSiarczan 7

        @Nikokill59 Yes

      3. Nikokill59

        @TheSiarczan 7 If I understand well, It's a traumatism who come back

      4. TheSiarczan 7

        Post-traumatic stress disorder

    17. Josh Blackmore

      1:02. Werner can talk without moving his mouth!

    18. Levente Kovács

      I'm Hungarian Magyar vagyok


      I think in Hungary Wembley came they are doing the celebration. Only he can only win the team of Hungary. 💪💪🤣🤣

    20. p pattanayak

      Oh no you lost another money

    21. alexloukopoulos

      Ooh it's Italy in the final Ooh it's Italy in the final Ooh it's Italy in the final Knees bent arms stretch It's coming home!

      1. Gible23

        It didnt

    22. Zanti


    23. Lagrave Alpha

      What's the actual song?

      1. John Robinson

        I think it's based on the hokey cokey

    24. Footballconnor

      Bruno crying he just wants one penalty

    25. J 25

      My 96 PTSD 😂😂😂

    26. Frosterdd

      Even though they scared of Germany they still won lol

    27. Jack Owen

      Who's here after England beat Gernany 2-0

    28. Sagecoder876

      Whats the original song this is from


      1:24 is so accurate All 3 had a major impact for England in the match

    30. Nikokill59

      England was complain for Germany at Wembley Stadium but teams of Group F are out in same time (Round of 16) Fun fact in your face!!!😂😂😂😂

    31. Kingkicker8

      Anyone here after beating Germany

    32. Vik Sinha

      Who’s here after England beat Germany at Wembley?

    33. gegdhdb


    34. Ryan Smith


    35. Ray

      And the 3 group of death teams are knocked out in the round of 16.

    36. Greytone

      England’s chance of beating germany 📉📈📉📈

    37. Zac Robinson

      Goodbye group of death. Hungry would of out up more of fight then Germany ever did

    38. perry

      Who’s here after England won 2-0

    39. Kristóf_gamer

      Nooooooooooo hungary (im a hungary)

    40. lol hi

      Now England won against Germany! ITS COMING HOME!

      1. Gible23


    41. gegdhdb




      1. Jack Keightley

        Hokey Cokey

    43. Adwaith

      All teams in the Group of Death have died

    44. Anonymous User

      Who’s here after panicking bout Germany but winning 😂🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    45. Bimo AA

      Funny how Dean animated both goalscorers against Germany for this bit😂😂

    46. Aitore Pozo Sánchez

      Now they are all out

    47. Stefan Citlucanin

      I'm sad because Hungary didn't make it to round of 16 they deserve it

    48. Joe Mcgoo

      2:0 and I was at Wembley

    49. Robert Taylor

      Who's here after England 2-0 Germany?

    50. kacper kasprzyk

      Oooh~ 2-0 with Germany at Wembley Yeeess,revange for 96’ PTSD Oooh~ 2-0 with germany at Wembley Knees bend! Arms stretch! EN-GER-LAND!


      No Group F Teams Are Left In The Competition 😢

    52. Shiv -

      Group of death died 😁

    53. Saras Raja

      What is this song

      1. Jack Keightley

        Hokey Cokey

    54. Germany

      Coming back here after every team of group F has been eliminated in the round of 16.

    55. Aulia Nataprawira

      I'm here after England knocked out Germany. Hehe

    56. xdLazar314

      It’s funny how Kane and sterling scored vs Germany and that all of the teams in this so called “group of death” are already out of the euros

    57. I like Memes

      2-0 haha

    58. Joanne Rowshangohar

      You won 2 0

    59. Airtight games

      Who’s after England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 won 2-0

    60. Joshua Agassi

      Who's here after England won 2-0??? Press Like!

      1. Airtight games

        Me I will like

    61. Adryan Santiago

      What song is this

      1. Adryan Santiago


      2. knt 098

        If i am right, "hokey cokey" by black lace.

    62. Y R Irmãos oficial

      But that England beat 2-0 on Germany, Wait now Sweden or Ukraine.

      1. Monika!

        Sweden lost 2-1, so I think Ukraine

    63. InducedSplash14 _

      Let’s go we win definitely didn’t have our doubts

    64. Farid Manafli

      2-0 IT'S COMING HOME!!!

      1. Gible23


    65. Fiona Anderson

      Your saying England won lok

    66. Darian Yan

      It didn't matter. Sterling and Kane would have done the job against any of these teams, and all 3 are out in the round of 16

    67. Tariq Shehadeh


      1. Gible23

        Is it?

    68. Rugikovski

      442oons just predicted the goalscorers of today's game...

      1. Tim Tum

        Ikr Sterling and kane

    69. Mr Loler

      The group of death is dead!

    70. nadzmcr

      2-0 ENGLAND vs gernany get in

    71. Aoife McLoone

      There going home there going home there going Englands going home

      1. Mathijs

        @Gible23 what?

      2. Gible23

        @Mathijs oh look how the turns tabled

      3. Mathijs

        Top 10 comments made before disaster.

    72. Akash P K

      Whats your prediction for england vs germany?

      1. Monika!


      2. Nino JR

        @OctoMystic thanks😂

      3. OctoMystic

        @Nino JR nice prediction

      4. Nino JR

        4-1 Germany

      5. Cazookid 72

        2-2 germany won at penalties

    73. Feli Jerez

      France lose vs suiza 3-3 penaltis I don’t know

    74. TheJakiller

      1:04 Then both teams went out in the last 16.

    75. Madeline Hailey

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    76. unkown all games

      NO MY 2010 PTSD

    77. Mustafa Keleş

      00:20 00:45 01:09

    78. XxxBoboxxx Bobo

      Ur game sucks its hardd

    79. Brian DeBobes Short

      Catchy song

    80. Gergő Salamon

      Germany 1. Score ist ofside idiots

    81. Zsombor Dráb

      I am from Hungarian thanks for the good animation for Hungary

    82. Adriano Lourenço

      In 00:50 Portugal is second of the grup not Hungry

    83. Glen Stout

      96 PTSD 😂

    84. Mr. Challenge

      France was the only one who beated germany, germany was the only one who beated Portugal, Portugal was the only one who beated Hungary... What a group

      1. J L

        And Hungary was the only one who beated nobody

    85. Alessio Cornacchia

      Original song?

    86. Lemon

      Dont worry england fans it is only germany

    87. Manzi A

      Hungary are the real champions of euro 2020

    88. Barnabás Kovács


    89. Erfan Aa


    90. Rayyan Anvar

      now messi fans will have more reasons on why ronaldo is called penaldo 🤪

    91. Vu phong Huynh

      England will be battling Germany on June 29, 2021, 17:00BST

    92. Noel Smith

      England 1 Germany 1

    93. thabs

      hey should pick the champion of copa america and euro 2020, and just play a game called "world cup"

    94. Gabriel Avila

      This song Is lit 🔥, is there a original song of it?

    95. Rory Crick


      1. Gible23

        Is it?

    96. FlorasHormones

      wow that song was actually really catchy

    97. John Guan

      The clammy postage macroscopically wrestle because metal assembly tip by a shaggy judo. acrid, acoustic cave

    98. YTB Szabi

      I dont love germens onli HUNGARY

    99. Dab Power

      0:14 bruno XD

    100. Skander Sioud

      What is the original song