💥Gazza's Goal! Euro 96💥 (Footballers Attempt England vs Scotland Goals Highlights 1996 2021)


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    Paul Gascoigne - what a goal! Can today's footballers match it?
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    1. Marcel 000

      Stones should of tried it

    2. ꧁golman꧂ ꧁golman꧂

      Footballers Flashbacks the Steven Gerrard' s dive

    3. jack caton


    4. CharlyMK4

      E E E G H

    5. maksim brawler

      Can you make FOOTBALL FLASHBACKS Netherlands 1-3 Russia

    6. Liam Schomborg

      can you please make a flashback about the world cup final from 1954

    7. tory carlozzi

      The inconclusive tax bioinformatically grab because clef univariably list minus a stormy parent. hallowed, permissible ocean

    8. Jai Khanna

      Oh they didn't practice penalties after that

    9. Scouserq80


    10. Sue Bruce

      Wth is that laugh

    11. Raihan

      Please do Suarez handball against Ghana 2010

    12. AlanŽ

      Who is seeing after england losing euros?

    13. Timothy Boyle

      Oh this is torture to watch I fucking hate england

      1. Timothy Boyle

        @*UnstoppablE* K!nG yes I am

      2. *UnstoppablE* K!nG

        You mad?

      3. PF96


    14. o días

      Harry Kane is Donald duck with hard pitch voice

    15. Ouahiba Ben mouhoub

      Très beau but de halland

    16. Ouahiba Ben mouhoub

      Très beau but de mout

    17. Ouahiba Ben mouhoub

      Très beau but de cazza

    18. Ouahiba Ben mouhoub

      Très beaux but de Phil foden

    19. Ouahiba Ben mouhoub

      Très beaux buts

    20. Macaiden Suen

      Hey,it was worth it,you know why? It’s coming home...

      1. PF96

        Italy won :(

    21. EggyMceggface Yt

      Wait I just realised that Kane scored an open goal in extra time against Denmark Dean u did it again predicted the future

    22. 2nd lineDD


    23. Hana Hussein Elhosseiny

      Make one with the Egypt 4-1 Ivory Coast

    24. Andro Marušić

      Players attempt sterlings dive against denmark

    25. Kenoliver5264 Hesketh


    26. Margarita Lordos

      Could you pls make videos where they say the final scores out of a hundred from best to worst?


      Why that gazza is lying down🤔🤔⚽

    28. samira salmin

      It’s funny that Gareth Southgate’s not letting any England players to attempt that goal attemption!

    29. Michael Holtum

      Harry kane: ur dad pulled out. Spurs owner:........... Me:🤣

    30. Aris Agiotis

      Bro did he really predict that they are going to play against Germany

    31. Joshua Hedge

      Why not garethsouth gate doi

    32. E T

      They called Germany in last 16

    33. Christos Argyros


    34. Christos Argyros


    35. Adam

      Now England beat Germany and it’s coming home

    36. Jared

      1:18 kirean babes my fav part

    37. 4gility

      Southgate told Maguire to “save it for the big game vs Germany” and he wins MOTM Coincidence? I think not

    38. Alfie

      Mason mount looks more like Declan rice



    39. Sonia Lex

      Gareth Southgate is a soothsayer I think because he predicted they would face Germany in the last 16

    40. shorts


    41. Giacomo Grosso

      Inter's treble for football flashback

    42. LittleLambForLife

      It should be nation teams attempt to draw vs Scotland (England 0-0 Scotland 2021)

    43. samira salmin

      Who else could’ve tried Paul Gazza Gascoigne’s goal and what would’ve happened? Let me know in the comments, and check out the other football flashbacks below too! CREDITS

      1. samira salmin

        I mean ‘because there was a problem in BGclip’. I’ve got lost of opinions inside comments.

      2. samira salmin

        Comment found! I’ve not seen it earlier because of a problem in BGclip.

      3. samira salmin

        I already wrote in the comments earlier before I wrote what you said in the credits of this video that Declan Rice could’ve tried Paul Gazza Gascoigne’s goal and what would’ve happened was because he didn’t attempted these kind of goals since he was 19 years old.

    44. Amazing fox

      Lingard should try it

    45. Monotonous Insomniac

      Do the 1966 World Cup Final.

    46. Krate Skool

      Shit! 442oons did it again. They predicted England opponent in R16

    47. Charlie Becerra

      Your the best

    48. I like Memes

      Maguires head 😹


      If bruno did it he would get 100000000000000000/10

    50. Michon van de Pol

      Can we do th 2005 final liverpool ac Milan?

    51. Heather Jones

      Gazza’s laugh is to contagious in this😂😂😂

    52. Ted Collins

      Wow how did Gareth know that England would play Germany in the Last 16? Time traveller?

    53. TheRasmusdc

      Harry Kane should always be Christian Eriksen scoring, and Kane claiming he touched it..

    54. Liam Rowe

      The last 16 prdiction

    55. برشلونة فوق راسك

      He Predicted England Playing against Germany... How ?

    56. The Gaming Spider

      Gazza is obviously drunk like he was all the time. Lol

      1. The Gaming Spider

        Heeeh, lol

    57. Torch

      Gareth Southgate just predicted England would play Germany 6 days before it was decided

    58. Ben Mant

      He predicted the future again…

    59. Kellanas

      Ayo!!!! 44toons predicted England V Germany. Holy shizz

    60. Roberto Dornelas

      2:57 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    61. XYZ

      Germany vs england predicted

    62. xuanbao Xb2103

      Nice video xD

    63. Carlota Prat Halm

      1:52 that was the best

    64. Excellent Ethan

      3:03 that aged well 😳😳

    65. Lil Suprit

      predicted round of 16

    66. Footballclips

      Southgate actually predicted England would play Germany in the last 16!

    67. Hamdan Rahimi

      Why did I see harry big head I’m not talking about harry kane

    68. Ed77

      3:03 aged well 😳

    69. deven tube

      Raheem Sterling could have tried and surprizeingly he socers

    70. deven tube

      442oons PERDICTED THE FUTRE ENGLAD DO HAVE GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    71. Fahim Miftah

      Who's here after England draw with Germany

    72. Tommaso Bonfantini

      Can u do euro 2020 the group stage in 100 second like world cup 2018?

    73. B Q

      Did he just guess Germany???

    74. T_Alyahmadi

      Dean is the best✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

    75. Tim Tim

      Just quickly click this : 0:51. 1:10. 1:29. 1:42. 2:09. 3:15. 😂

    76. Đã khuất Hoàng

      3:05 442oons predict future again

    77. sofyan putra

      2:59 man you predict it, now england will face germany in last 16 and lets see if maguire score agains germany or not

    78. A.J

      3:07 Southgate “Germany in the last 16” He knew all along 😂

    79. DrGregHouse8


    80. Fards YT


    81. Mercy_pet brother

      Why dose Holland just say u gave me free motavision

    82. azizi kov

      3:00 lets see how this will age in few days

    83. Carson Morgan

      Jamie Vardy

    84. Svaxie

      I love the *EH* after every joke

    85. Valsamma Celestine

      The run of headland was funny

    86. amogus

      First gazza's laugh grealish attempt

    87. rahed raven najat

      Harry Kane 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    88. rahed raven najat


    89. Eufemia Cosentino


    90. NaboDabo123

      how about wazza

    91. justice  league

      The "M word"

    92. Jacob Riley

      It ain't coming home am I right like if u agree

    93. Ramazan Eren Güneysu

      Gazza foden

    94. ABzAssassin430

      Why can't I see anyone talking about Harry's head in 2:57 😂😂😂

    95. plushy king

      What should have happened is Ronaldo do it and get rejected for his celabraiton

    96. marcus lam

      You can’t just put a RB in LB.

    97. Rory Crick


    98. Supleksa BG

      He,s down with 3 milion subs in the last 4 MONTHS

    99. Kieran Christophersen

      I just realised where Phil Jones gets it from. #Gazzas eugghhhh