🤣GERMANY destroy PORTUGAL!🤣 (Muller trolls Ronaldo Bruno Dias Jota) 4-2 Euro 2020 Goals Highlights


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    1. tham Phương

      🇩🇪 4 - 2 🇵🇹

    2. Kuldeep Kalita

      Tapiano penaldo

    3. luca yt

      Al Que Más Odio De Todos Los Personajes Es Muller 😠😡😠😡, Pero Bueno

    4. Paul Lifs

      Muller it's 2 tap ins that your pathetic goalkeeper couldn't stop.


      youre very good for me

    6. uanszot

      Alvaro Morata 🤣🤣🤣

    7. The Chosen One

      Muller is my favourite 🤣

    8. Ayhan Özen


    9. Lenny grima


    10. Oliver Batchelor

      Wheres Bruno?


      Only Ronaldo put the goal first time but three time the player in the Portugal putting own goal. Hahahaha🤣🤣🤣⚽⚽🤣🤣🤣 and one player simply standing there and Germany getting all lucky goals and own goals too. 🤣🤣1

    12. Rifat Uddin

      Muller is a amazing and awesome laughter.

    13. Vien Lawrence Gabato

      I came back here because of the penalty miss of Morata HAHAHA 😆😆😆

    14. Miguel Xavier

      Fact that germany lost on euro to Who laughs now Müller :)

    15. Danial Blexa

      I found this channel's video on fb... Now I'm fan of these videos🤣❤️

    16. Daniel Oliver

      Who do you call Thomas Muller when misses an open goal? THO-MISS MULLER! AHHAHAHAHAH I'M SUCH A COMEDIAN!

    17. Cdot K

      We beat Germany/England

    18. Collins Bariu

      OG WHO

    19. jaran jarani

      Where is spain vs swizzzz

    20. syazani 123


    21. Ali Alfazani


    22. rasht0r

      Tho-miss Muller 😭

    23. nguyen henry222

      One rip for Group F, Hungary got knocked out in group stage. Germany, France, and Portugal all knocked out in the Round of 16

    24. Alex Almeida

      idk if muller can be talking anymore after his miss against england 😬

    25. Ced Burner

      The sophisticated jeans developmentally shade because arithmetic computationally x-ray among a shy mosquito. steep, capricious burn

    26. Reshirex

      NDL NDL

    27. Sremon Karmakar

      but deu vs eng?? bullshit muller

    28. YEE YU CHEN Moe

      gosens have a real face same with maehle? thats crazy

    29. nieooj gotoy

      Muller laughs and jokes will never get old

    30. subha bista

      Fun fact Germany 4 portugal 2 but Germany player scored 2 goals where as Portugal players scored 4 goals😂😂😂

      1. Nino JR

        You are a comedian

    31. qopoy dnon

      World Cup 2014 memories Germany 🇩🇪 4:0 Portugal 🇵🇹 01:10

    32. shahabas p

      Muller sense

    33. Admin - Jose G. Chow Orthodontics

      0:45 BRuh

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Nice video :D

    34. Sonja Tanasic

      Pepe:i can see jesus

    35. dcoog anml

      "You both are a pen merchant "oooooo mann that alone had me laughing for whole of the video .🤣🤣

      1. qopoy dnon

        Everyone talking about Spain Poland being 1-1 and not 0-0 no one is mentioning that Moreno straight up smacked the post while here it was saved.

    36. Legende der Nacht


    37. Legende der Nacht


      1. dcoog anml

        I live müller

    38. Kareem Haidar كريم حيدر

      0:31, 0:48, 1:00, 1:35, 1:52, 2:02 D***!!!

      1. Nino JR


    39. John Daniel

      hello darkness my old friendd...

    40. Soumyadeep Banerjee

      This is one of the greatest 442oons videos of all time!

    41. asioe kiou

      "You both are a pen merchant "oooooo mann that alone had me laughing for whole of the video .🤣🤣

    42. Paula Ferreira

      4-2 is not destroying, and germiny won of 2 og

    43. Indie Maher

      I love 442oons

    44. CoachPTgameR

      you laugh now wait until we win the european

    45. MISS U 2018 🙂


      1. asioe kiou

        Can't wait to see Hungary trolls Müller

    46. xuanbao Xb2103

      Nice video :D

    47. cadua pinue

      The recondite cucumber only yawn because radar algorithmically grin amidst a poor attraction. voracious, infamous badger

    48. Thivyan Sutharsan

      Muller retiring = The End of 442oons

    49. Dr. Common Sense

      Everyone talking about Spain Poland being 1-1 and not 0-0 no one is mentioning that Moreno straight up smacked the post while here it was saved.

    50. Bineet Neupane


    51. Kaushal Mehta

      Muller is 442oons best character

    52. 4th Wall Breaker’s

      2:58 You can see the tv shows the Spain and Poland game being 0-0. It was 1-1 When Spain took the penalty.

    53. Wintermute vs Neuromancer

      I live müller

    54. Tamim a

      THOMAS MULLER you are crazy

    55. Yuuki Aruviaru


    56. Fruits are Yummy

      0:03 when that music comes in ur automatically in 2014


      Thomas muller has side job as a comedian 😂

    58. Pro Jizz

      penaldo strikes again

    59. chris .B

      Can't wait to see Hungary trolls Müller

    60. Harshwardhan Chaudhary

      Last one 😅😅😅

    61. seeni gzty

      The Morata miss had the incorrect score on. The pen was given at 1:1 not 0:0

    62. George The frustratited gamer


    63. Toxicality77

      Hungery is better

    64. Toxicality77

      Fucking germany

    65. Phép Nhiệm Màu

      Joker ? Nah, we have Muller 🥴

    66. Liamjoshua Gaming

      2:02 little mistake it’s says 1:3 when it was 1:4

    67. SyoN _live

      2:55 1:1 no 0:0

    68. MSYT

      LET'S GO PORTUGAL (Im Portuguese)

    69. minyeop...🙂

      Pen merchant 😂😂😂😂

    70. u7u7 u7u7

      Why you skipped Havertz goal??

    71. Taszi ツ

      Where is Hungary vs France? We almost beat the world champion, and you can't make a single, short video? That is cancer...

    72. J Y

      2:02 the score is 3:2 lol

      1. J Y

        @Abdifitah Xussen no

      2. Abdifitah Xussen

        Are u blind 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    73. Mert Prosu

      1:36 look at the score

    74. Parkata

      I like how Ronaldo drinks cola even though a few days ago he moved 2 cola bottles and the next day the company lost 4 billion. He just doesn't care🤣🤣🤣

    75. Gergő Salamon

      Hun Franc 1:1?

    76. ghetto

      Og by who og by you

    77. Forbidden VIP

      Muller vs Ronaldo 4-2 Muller vs Messi 8-2

    78. UŜhễř Køøl Bob

      Thomas Müller best cartoon character

    79. khánh Toàn TV

      Vãi linh hồn ám ảnh vãi

    80. Renato PT

      PORTUGAL 🇵🇹 🇵🇹 🇵🇹

    81. Maximillian Ford

      Muller's laugh is so fucking funny

    82. Rflexion

      Well, even the own goals were tap-ins. 4 in 1 game, wow.

    83. Rflexion

      How can you have all 3 group stage matches in Munich. There are 11 different cities to play in, and Germany gets all 3 games in their home country? Amazing...

    84. FaN_of_SW

      I love Thomas*hole Muller)

    85. underthedeep

      i just laughed at a thomas muller joke. sad times

    86. Alex_The_Goated

      It’s funny because my phone is on 42%

    87. Adil Saeed

      they forgot havert's goal

    88. nihal channel4

      there was a mistake before bruno fernandes was substituted the score boared said 1-4 when bruno fernndes was been substituted it was showing 1-3

    89. Lil_BABY CODM

      They didn't get destroyed

    90. Ja_ mir

      Please make a video of 'what if Messi and Ronaldo plays on the same team’

    91. InterTM

      🇩🇪 Germany Vs. Portugal 🇵🇹 First Leg: 🇩🇪 Germany 4 - 0 Portugal 🇵🇹 Second Leg: 🇵🇹 Portugal 2 - 4 Germany 🇩🇪 Agg: 🇵🇹 Portugal 2 - 8 Germany 🇩🇪 Classic



    92. Barrie Boi

      1:06 ohhh the old days of Brazil

    93. Watcharaphong Chantree

      Did Ronaldo fire Muller out of Frontmen later that???

    94. Namrat singh

      Morata 🤣🤣

    95. Jakobs Billeder

      1:36 1-3??.

    96. Eston Kalutwa

      Where's Bruno had me dead 🤣😂😅

    97. Nisha Nakrani

      Ronaldo tried his best to win the game but Portugal defenders were sleeping on the pitch 😞

    98. Juanjo Soler

      That penalty was hilarious

    99. Michael J Glover

      This is great

    100. Airtight games

      “ somebody else who loves a tap in, you are like the Portuguese equivalent of Mario and Luigi! - Thomas muller